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Here’s a brief info about Iseunife. I am a British Nigerian, travel enthusiast, Digital Marketing, Communications specialist and Creative Thinker. 

In 2019, I discovered my love for traveling after visiting and exploring 5 countries in two months. Before that I’d traveled to a few countries but this was with family. This was the first time I was going on adventures mostly on my own. Seeing the port of Estepona in Malaga felt like Heaven. Getting lost in cities like Manhattan, London, Brooklyn gave a certain thrill. The journey has just began.

In 2020, I had planned to do a European boat cruise but sadly, that didn’t happen due to the pandemic.

For the next few years of my life, I plan to visit tens more countries and experience as many cultures as possible. Experiences which I’d be constantly dropping here.

So, on my professional side of thing, over the past 6 years, through Shawnife Media and The Creative Ally, I have led and been involved in hundreds of Digital Marketing campaigns and projects for multinational and global as well as local brands across different industries. These have been for brands like Nescafe, Google, Bolt, Coca Cola, Lloyd’s Insurance UK, Silverbird, Quickteller, Access Bank, Premier Cool, Unilever, AMAA awards, KrispyKreme, Airtel, Silverbird UBA, YouTube, Abuja Chamber Of Commerce And Industry Nigeria (ACCiNigeria), Sigma Pensions, MTN, Cars45, Interswitch, CloseUp, First Bank, Cowrywise, Vconnect, Infinix, to mention a few.

As the Events Coordinator and Communications Lead of Cool FM Nigeria, I initiated various collaborations and put together effective activations. It is known that Google constantly puts together events to launch new products, celebrate milestones and to conduct press briefings, so presently, I’m in the Google Nigeria’s select team Of media personnels, therefore I’m involved whenever there are any of these events. The most recent being The GoogleMaps 15th anniversary event in February, 2020 and the virtual event of YouTube Music Week in September, 2020.

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