King Majik & Bawse: Bawsing Music With Some Majik

King Majik & Bawse: Bawsing Music With Some Majik

So August is here which means summer is coming to an end and that is really tragic. Well on the Topic of August though, there’s something wavy and amazing coming our way. The Extended playlist of King Majik and Bawse,  is going to be released today, 1st of August and if this isn’t something to be excited about then I honestly don’t know what is. I personally believe it’s something great when someone works so hard on their dream and they get to revel in what they worked so hard for which is what I believe is going to happen.

King Majik

King Majik and Bawse are the Nigerian boys out of Canada wrecking the music scene independently with one of their tracks gaining almost half a million streams on Spotify. That might be a regular thing for your favorite mainstream artist, but in this case, this is a great feat and shows a lot of prospect for these two young boys. Recently, they came out with a Despacito African Remix/mashup with Tonight by Nonso Amadi and Come Closer by Wizkid/ Drake. The mashup was so damn lit and pretty hyped up when they dropped it, and it just makes me think about the fact that everything they come out with bangs, and small small somebody will even start to think maybe they joined the illuminati. You know how all these big artists come out with hits that always bang back to back and these illuminati theorists always believe that’s the case, well same here.


Their EP is called the adventures of King Majik and Bawse, because it’s been an adventure for them this past year. It’s funny how they started their journey only about a year ago and so far, they have built an already impressive fan base for themselves and have so many people that believe in them. I honestly can’t wait to see what they have in store for me with the release of their EP ….. sorry lol I mean us and with how much effort they have put into it. Going through sleepless nights and sacrificing so much, they really deserve everything good that’s going to come to them. So honestly all I can just say is sit back and anticipate, literally anticipate for the release today ’cause trust me, It’s going to be a madness. We would be back to review and give our thoughts.

Mashup Videos:


Get At Them;

Twitter: King_Majik, Bawse_FSU
Instagram: King_Majik, Bawse_fsu
Snapchat: King_majik, Bawse_ejiro

Soundcloud link:

And feel free to slide in their DM and drop a comment or two and you don’t know maybe one day you’ll be flying private jet with them and making movements.

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7 thoughts on “King Majik & Bawse: Bawsing Music With Some Majik

  1. I love these guys tbvfh. Their music is so good and they are very extremely creative. The world will soon catch up

  2. These guys really changed my life with their songs. I was once lost but eventually found a way. When I first heard “Hey it’s Majik…. krrrrrrrr and Badman dan !” Then I knew that I was destined for greatness.

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